Sep 11-13, 2020

Prince William Forest National Park, VA

What is WeCamp?

WeCamp is a code retreat in the spirit of Ruby DCamp, intended to help people come together as a community.

The first day will be spent practicing the art of pair programming. We pair up with rotating partners, honing our ability to communicate with different people about how to solve a particular problem. The idea isn't to actually solve the problem, but to work on pair programming as a skill itself and the various interpersonal skills needed to do it well.

The remaining 2 days will be unconference-style: informal group sessions discussing various interesting technical and non-technical topics chosen by the community at the event. No slide decks, no lecture, just good old-fashioned group discussions.

Our camp is located in the beautiful Prince William Forest Park. We'll be staying in cabins, but you'll want to bring a sleeping bag. You'll need to bring your own internet connection (mobile hotspot, phone tethering, etc), but we don't need internet for most of what we do, and there's always someone willing to share.

Our price is all inclusive, so we've got your bed, food, and snacks all covered.



Paying individually, earlybird
Company is paying, earlybird


If you'd like to donate to help make WeCamp successful, we have a community sponsorship page where you can donate as little or as much as you like. If you want to donate more than a few hundred dollars, though, you're better off going with a full sponsorship and all the accolades it brings.


This will remain flexible, but just to give you an idea:

All day Early arrivals
Set up camp
Meet new friends
Say hello to old friends
Set up sleeping arrangements
5pm Dinner
All night Probably board games and socializing, let's be real
Friday (Official Start Day)
8am Breakfast
9am Welcome Ceremony
10am Pair programming
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Pair programming
5pm Retrospective
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm-Sunrise More board games and socializing
8am Breakfast
9am Unconference planning
10am Unconference sessions
12pm Lunch
1:30 Unconference sessions
5:30pm Retrospective
6pm Dinner
Forever Hang out with more great people
Sunday (Official End Day)
8am Breakfast
9am Unconference planning
10am Unconference sessions
12pm Lunch
1:30pm Unconference sessions
4:30pm Final WeCamp Retrospective
5pm Camp Cleanup, hugs all around
6pm Dinner for late departures
Stretch goal Finally maybe get some sleep … possibly
Monday (for Late Departures and Out-of-Towners)
8am Breakfast
9am Final cleanup
Noon You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!

Who is WeCamp?

WeCamp was organized and lead this year by the following enthusiastic members of the Ruby community:
If you are interested in helping out with WeCamp, reach out to us on Slack or by email.


We really appreciate sponsorship. It make events like these possible. Thank you!

Want to sponsor?

Download the Sponsorship Prospectus.

The sponsorship levels are:

Gold Sponsorship

Covers the cost of the venue. Perks: Significant pixel real estate in our sponsor listing, Thirty-second address during the welcome ceremony, Shout-out on Twitter, Shout-out in pre-event emails, Two event invites.

Silver Sponsorship

Covers the cost of food and various administrative minutiae. Perks: Logo in our sponsor list, Shout-out during the welcome ceremony, Shout-out on Twitter, Shout-out in pre-event emails.

Bronze Sponsorship

Covers the cost of swag and various administrative costs. Perks: Small logo in our sponsor list, Shout out during the welcome ceremony, Shout-out on Twitter.

Community Sponsorship (varying amounts)

Community members can sponsor, too! Every little bit helps!

Community sponsors will be recognized at the event as thanks for helping us provide an awesome event for everyone!

WeCamp Code of Excellence

WeCamp’s Code of Interpersonal and General Excellence

WeCamp aspires to be a safe, inclusive event for all folks who want to spend a weekend camping, coding and community-ing with fellow programmers.

We welcome and celebrate the diversity that the word “folks” encompasses. WeCamp is dedicated to providing a safe experience for everyone, regardless of gender expression, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, age, immigration status, job title or programming skill.

Our idea of a good event hinges on quality of experience. If you’re having fun and feeling respected, then you’re encouraging others’ fun and feelings of respect, which means you’re doing it right.

Accordingly, we ask all attendees to be excellent in general and to each other.

We understand that this excellence will include, but not be limited to:

WeCamp is a great place to focus on respecting, setting, discussing, and defending boundaries. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe confronting a situation, please talk to an organizer. We understand that by convening these events that we commit to resolving issues to the greatest extent we can.

Participants whose behavior violates this policy in the context of our events or elsewhere can be warned or asked to leave at the discretion of the organizers, who do not suffer fools well.

If a participant is asked to stop a behavior, immediate compliance is expected. Attendees who persist (or whose behavior the organizers deems to warrant) will promptly lose their invitation to enjoy WeCamp and be happily escorted off the premises. Refunds will be thrown out of the building behind them in loose change, if given at all.

Note: This code is based in part on the hard work and insights from Waltz Night, DCamp, Ruby for Good, Women Who Code, Bridge Foundry, which were in turn inspired by other codes of conduct from groups like RDU Blues, Youth Dance Weekend, and Mobtown Ballroom. A code of conduct is a nuanced, living document that aims to set the tone for an event, offer some concrete suggestions for ideal behavior, and make sure all attendees know how much the organizers care about civility. We hope we’ve met these goals! Please feel free to share your feedback on how this Code of Excellence could be more excellent!


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